The Saga of Swollen Feet

I spent the weekend having a grand ole time at an outdoor music festival but now I am paying dearly for it. Not only am I absurdly sunburned but my feet have swollen to ridiculous proportions.

I'm not even kidding. My feet look like this:

and feel like this:

Don't believe me? Take a look, if you dare.

Who has feet like that? That looks like someone jammed 5 vienna sausages onto a pork tenderloin! That has to be the LEAST. SEXY. FOOT. EVER.
I know this is one of the many side-effects of pregnancy and most women can't escape it if they are pregnant over the summer. But come on!
The reason this bothers me so much is that my ankles were normally my favorite feature. Prior to pregnancy, no matter how fat I got I always had dainty, feminine wrists and ankles. I could always make myself feel thin(ish) by trying on sexy high heels. My ankles and feet always looked awesome no matter how much the rest of my body could never pull them off. But now my one vanity is gone. I don't care how much weight I gain or how big my belly gets, that won't make me feel fat. But having fat ankles is NOT ACCEPTABLE, no matter how many people tell me "Don't feel bad, everyone looks like that when they're pregnant."
Well, I do feel bad. So, shove it.
Part 2 of the saga continues in my birth class post.

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  1. ohhh. this post brings back so many.... memories :) i can remember crying because my skin hurt from so much swelling. then when the baby was born i lost 8 pounds of baby and 10 pounds of water. (plus more weight from all that other fun stuff) (((HUGS))) you will have your normal cute feet back someday!!!