Hospital Tour

As I mentioned before, even though I will be using a midwife I am still planning to deliver at a hospital.

To prepare for that event, Steven and I toured the birthing wing of said hospital last week. Overall, I was quite impressed. We learned the basics - where to park, when/how to check-in, how many visitors are allowed, etc. We got to see the triage suite, birthing rooms, post-partum rooms and the C-Section OR. OK, not the actual OR (that's a sterile room, duh) but the room outside the OR.

The birthing rooms are everything I had hoped for. Each room is its own, private, birthing suite. The birth center is fairly new so there is no 'old room vs. new room' problem. I have heard of other hospitals having limited numbers of newer birthing suites, and moms have to hope they get a good one. Each room has a whirlpool tub, TV, CD player, futon-chair-thing for dad to nap on and a fancy-schmancy delivery bed. If there happens to be over-crowding I could end up delivering in the triage suite (not as many bells and whistles) but, according to my tour guide, that rarely happens.

Even better, I was able to pre-register with the hospital so when I am in labor I won't have to sit through all that paperwork when I have other things on my mind.

As of today I am 31 weeks, 4 days pregnant which means I will be back at the hospital in 10 weeks or less!

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