Don't you just love it when something falls into your lap that you didn't even know you were looking for? Me too. I had made it all the way to January 6 without making any resolutions, but then I read this article from Hip Green Scene about the best places to eat, drink, shop, and be entertained in Raleigh and it got me inspired!

Beginning (but hopefully not ending) in 2015, I want to live like a tourist in my own town. My house is 30 minutes from Downtown Raleigh and I'm guilty of acting like it doesn't even exist. Tragic, I know. I will start small by shaking up my dining habits, but I'm hoping this will also encourage me and my family to explore museums, galleries, parks, shops, and more.

My goal is to schedule a date - with my hubby, friends or co-workers - to eat at a restaurant from the article at least once a month. I would love to visit one a week, but I need to be realistic about my schedule and my budget. Yummy, local food doesn't come cheap!

To keep track I created a food passport, which I'm pretty sure I saw on Pinterest. The gist is this:
- Get a small notebook to be your food passport.
- Decorate with as many patterns of washi tape as will pass for reasonable (optional, but not really).
- Create an entry for each restaurant you plan to try with fields for date visited, dishes ordered, rating and comments.
- Fill in the appropriate page as you experience each new restaurant.
- Share on Instagram because you just can't stop yourself.

Speaking of Instagram, you can follow along with this experiment by following me (@allisonharris) or searching #foodpassport.

Don't you want to play along?

P.S. Hip Green Scene has travel guides for lots of nearby towns, including Durham, Asheville and Charleston. Check them out!

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