Oh, By The Way

Many moons ago, I had a design blog named Gimmeakiss. Then I got pregnant. I wanted to keep friends and family updated on the pregnancy and baby, but didn't want to bore my regular readers (did I have regular readers?) so I started this blog. Then I had another baby and things got really busy, so I stopped posting at Gimmeakiss.

But now I miss it. Sometimes things happen that aren't kid-focused and I still want to write about it. So guess what? I'm gonna write about it. Right here. It just seems silly to maintain 2 blogs, and I don't have to since this is my blog and I make the rules.

I will still post all about the kids, but I will also start writing about other things. I will probably share our house and some renovation projects as we move and make it our own, but I am not trying to turn this into a DIY blog. This will be a "things I'm doing" blog.

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