Funny Friday - Sep 5

Luke: I can't wait to go to my new house.
Papa: You don't have a new house yet. Your mama and daddy are still looking for houses.
Luke: Yeah. Then they're gonna throw my old house in the trash.

Luke: We're getting a new house!
Corrine (our cleaning lady): Really?
Me: Not yet, we're still looking. But hopefully soon.
Corrine: That's great! to Luke Are you excited?
Luke: Yes, but I'll miss my tall bed.
Corrine: I think you'll get to take that with you.
Luke: Really? Yay!

Our storage pod gets delivered to our driveway
Our new house is here! There's so many rooms!

I have a playlist on my phone of Luke's favorite songs. Instead of Kindermusic, Luke prefers Kesha, Ed Sheeran and Weird Al.
Luke: Mommy, can you play my list?
Me: OK, but we're almost home. We only have time for one song, so you have to pick.
Luke: That's a big decision. I don't know if I can choose!

After listening to Luke's playlist
Luke: Mommy, can you turn off my list?
Me: Sure, why?
Luke: I want you to have a turn. You can listed to your music now.

playing high/low
Me: What was your worst part?
Luke: When Josie fell down.
Me: That's so sweet. I like that you were sad for your sister, that means you're a good big brother.

Luke: What does a nosy pepper do?
Me: I don't know.
Luke: It gets jalapeno business!
Me: laughs
Luke: Did I tell you the one about the pencil?
Me: No.
Luke: Never mind, it's pointless.

We spent Labor Day weekend visiting friends, and Luke got to play with their daughters Penny (2.5) and Nellie (almost 1)
Me: Did you enjoy your bath with Penny?
Luke: Yes. Did you enjoy your bath with Daddy and Uncle Heath?
Me: No. I didn't take a bath with Daddy and Uncle Heath. That would be inappropriate.
Luke: Yeah, grown ups like showers by themselves. Except Heath doesn't like showers.
Me: How do you know that?
Luke: How do you not know that?

Me: Luke, can you sing me a song about Josie?
Luke: No, there's not a Josie song. But I can tell you a story about her.
Me: OK, that sounds good.
Luke: At the not very good Shriner's hospital, me and Josie were born. Then we put her in the baby truck and she rode to Glastonbury Amherst. Then we took the electricity off her joints, because it was locking her joints. And then she whined a lot, and got a bottle, and took a nap.

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