Funny Friday - Jun 20

Luke was trying to lift something but couldn't manage it, so he asked Steven for help.
Daddy: Oh, come on, you didn't need my help. That was easy!
Luke: Yeah, for grown-ups.

Me: Have you decided what you want to do for your birthday?
Luke: I'm having a water party!
Me: No, not you, I'm asking Daddy.
Luke: Daddy's having a birthday party, too?
Me: Yep.
Luke: Daddy, can I come to your birthday party?
Steven: Only if you're good.
Luke: I'm going to be too much good. Then I can come to your party all the time.

Me: Did you have fun at Uncle Tony's house?
Luke: Yes.
Me: Did you ride a horse?
Luke: No.
Me: Did you chase any chickens?
Luke: Yes. I chased one chicken, and then 2 different chickens chased me.
Me: Did they catch you?
Luke: No. They were catching me, but they never catched me.
Try deciphering that grammar...

Luke: Mommy, I liked Josie's feet sticking in your belly where me and Josie were born.
Me: What does that mean?
Luke: It means that I was 2 when I was a fish. Remember?

Hey, I'm a little bit cray cray.

Luke: I like brushing my teeth.
Me: Yeah? We can brush your teeth right now.
Luke: My favorite part is getting gummies. Can we just do that part?

We came inside from the backyard, and Luke was standing in the kitchen, crying.
Steven: I'm sorry we went outside and you thought we left you.
Luke: OK.
Steven: We won't do it again. Do you forgive us?
Luke: I super duper forgive you, like your nose.

Pixel is king of all the other cats that are nice. He's going to be a tiger in a few minutes. Matt and Tina better like having a pet tiger.

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