Funny Friday - Apr 11

Josie cries when I leave the room
Josie, be quiet. It's me. You love your big brother!

Me: Did you draw this picture of our family?
Luke: Yes, in art center [at school].
Me: Tell me who everyone is.
Luke: That's Daddy, that's you holding Josie, that's me, that's Pop-Tart and Yo-Yo, and that's Scrunchy Bunch.
Scrunchy-Bunch is the imaginary cat Steven made up a few months ago. Not only has Luke not forgotten him, but apparently he's part of the family now.

Luke: Mommy, I want to sleep in Target.
Me: You want to sleep in Target?
Luke: Yes.
Me: You can't, silly. There's nowhere to sleep in Target.
Luke: I can sleep on the fluffy coats. They're pretending to be a pillow.

After Penny's birthday party
Can I go play with Penny's presents?

Some dragons are bad guys, some dragons are nice, and some dragons bad guys keep as pets.

Shake it, don't break it.

Luke saw me loading his power wheels into my car
Luke: Mommy, why are you taking my Jeep to work?
Me: Because it's going to be in a movie!
Luke: What?!?
Me: We're making a movie at work, and you Jeep is going to be in it. Isn't that cool?
Luke: completely deadpan No. That's not cool, just funny.

Luke: What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?
Me: Khakis.
Luke: No, jammies!
p.s. if you haven't seen this commercial, a) it's hilarious and b) it's twice as hilarious to hear a 3 year old recite it word-for-word

Me: Your shirt is stuck! Your head is so big. What are we going to do with your big head?
Luke: thinks for second When I grow up, my head won't be big. It will be large.

Grandpa: Did you have fun at Frog Fest?
Luke: Yes.
Grandpa: Did you eat any frogs?
Luke: No! You don't eat frogs.
Grandpa: Why not?
Luke: If you eat frogs, you might croak.

Me: Say 'night night' to your sister.
Luke: Night night, Josie.
Josie: blows a raspberry

Luke has reached the phase of making up "problems" to delay going to bed
Luke: Mommy, I'm scared of the dark.
Me: Do you want me to get the nightlight?
Luke: Yes.
Me: OK. I go get the nightlight Here it is, I'll plug it in for you.
Luke: Thank you, mommy.
Me: Uh, oh! I just realized something.
Luke: What?
Me: According to your height ruler, you're too tall to be afraid of the dark.
Luke: I am?
Me: Yep. You're allowed to be afraid of the dark until you're this tall (pointing to 39 inches) but now you're this tall (pointing to 43 inches). I guess you missed your opportunity.
Luke: Oh. OK. Night night, mommy.


Songs Luke Knows:

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Telescope by Lennon and Maisy

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