Funny Friday - Mar 14

Me: I want to play the quiet game.
Luke: I want to play Mickey Mouse Clubbers.
Me: rediculous club beat
Steven: M M M M I I I I C C C C K K K K E E E E Y Y Y Y
Luke: You guys are so silly

wearing zip-up pajamas
Mommy, my pajamas are pretending to be a jacket. They shouldn't do that.

door bell I hear the dinner bell!
to the pizza guy Bye pizza guy! The pizza guy is so helpful and nice.

Me: You look very handsome in your sweater.
Luke: Yes, I'm very red.

Luke: Guess what day it is!
Me: Hump day?
Luke: No, it's shrink day.
Me: Oh, ok.
Luke: My name is Megamort.
Me: Megamort?
Luke: Yes, I shrink things.

Daddy: Josie is crying. Can you sing a song to her?
Luke: to the tune of Jingle Bells Josie-Jo, Josie-Jo, Josie-Josie-Jo. Be-e quiet, be-e quiet, be-e-e-e-e... quiet.

Excuse me. May I have your attention, please? This is a sticky up!

Me: Are you ready to rock?
Luke: Yes, and roll.

Me: Did you have fun at swimming lessons?
Luke: No.
Me: Why not?
Luke: Because I had a big good fun and a little bad fun.

Cheerleaders: Let's go, Wolfpack!
Luke: Uh oh, Wolfpack!

Luke: I'm calling Josie a pork chop because I love her.
Steven: Everybody knows that pork chops are...
Luke: One of the greatest meats.

Luke: Daddy, I'm going to marry Maya.
Steven: Oh, yeah? Have you gotten her a ring?
Luke: No.
Steven: Well you have to get her a ring.
Luke: I know, I know.

Me: Are you still marrying Maya?
Luke: Yes.
Me: When's the wedding?
Luke: At seven.
Me: Seven? It's seven o'clock now. Where's the wedding?
Luke: At school. We'd better hurry.
Me: Well, we're pretty far away. What if we don't make it. Will she marry someone else?
Luke: Yeah. She'll marry Ben. But she'll still dance with me.

Mommy, you're home! I've been missing you so much!


  1. I shouldn't read this blog at work... I look like such a dork laughing out loud to myself in the corner! I only hope my kid will be half as hilarious as yours!

    1. Thanks! I think it's pretty universal that kids say random, funny things. I have high hope for your kids :)