Funny Friday - Feb 7

Luke: Where's Daddy?
Me: He's picking up dinner at Little Caesar's.
Luke: Little Sister's?!?

Steven: Are you all done peeing?
Luke: Yes
Steven: Pull your pants up.
Luke: Daddy?
Steven: I can't talk to people that don't have pants on.

In the car Luke asked me what felt like 1000 questions
Luke: Mommy, what's a ladder?
Me: No more questions, honey. Mommy's brain is tired.
Luke: Mommy, do you have a headache?

Me: Luke, come in here and bring me your iPad.
Luke: OK, Mommy. What's wrong?
Me: Your iPad is too loud. Let me turn the volume down so I can sleep.
Luke: Oh, thank you for turning down the volume so you can take a nap. I told my iPad to be quiet but it didn't listen.

Me: Don't you want me, baby?
Luke: Don't you warm my baby!
Me: Don't you want me, baby?
Luke: Don't you cook me, baby!

Luke was standing behind Papa, staring
Papa: Luke, what are you thinking about?
Luke: I'm thinking about what's behind your ear.
Papa: My brain is behind my ear.
Luke: exasperated Papa! I don't want to talk about it. I just want to think.

to Josie Hey Judy!
to me I can call her Judy because I love her.

Yo-Yo you're so funny. Pop-Tart is not funny.


Songs Luke Knows:
Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus
as he sings it: "I fell, you fell, I fell, you fell. pause You came in like a raaaaadio."

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