Wherein Luke Cons Me Into Playing With Him, and I Con Him Into Leaving Me Alone

While fitting with the theme, I thought this was a bit long for a Funny Friday post.

Luke: Mommy, will you play with me?
Me: I would love to, but I'm about to take a shower. I bet bunny and turtle would like to play.
Luke: Yeah, but I can only play with grown-ups.
Me: I'm sorry. I'll play with you after my shower. Can I give you a kiss instead?
Luke: thinks Yes.
I give him a kiss on the forehead, Luke rubs it
Me: Don't wipe away my kiss!
Luke: I'm not. Kisses turn into sunscreen and I'm just getting ready for the beach.
Me: Oh, ok. Here's lots more sunscreen. lots of kisses, lots of rubbing in Now, how about a butterfly kiss? I give him a butterfly kiss on the cheek
Luke: No, butterfly kisses turn into spines. You have to give me a butterfly kiss on my back.
Me: Ok. I do as he asks There, now you have a spine on your back. But what about the one on your face?
Luke: What?
Me: I gave you a butterfly kiss on your cheek, which means you have a spine on your cheek.
Luke: Oh no! What do I do?
Me: The only way to cure face spines is to hop like a bunny, all the way to your room, and read a book. When you do that the face spine will go away.
Luke: Ok. I'm hopping like a bunny!

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