Funny Friday - Jan 31

Luke: Nana, there's something different about your house.
Nana: That's right. What do you think is different?
Luke: The renovations.
Nana: The renovations?
Luke: Yes. pause Nana, I liked your old house better.
Nana: Why? I have a new bathroom and a nice big kitchen we can make cookies in!
Luke: You could make cookies in your old kitchen.

Luke: Where are we going?
Me: We're going to Burlington.
Luke: Burlington? There's bad folks there.
later in the drive
Luke: Are we still going to Burlington?
Me: Yes.
Luke: It's very hot there. People get burned in Burlington.

At dinner with some friends, including their daughter Penny, who is almost 2
Luke: Penny, tell your Daddy "no."
Penny: No!
Luke: Penny, tell your Daddy to eat his sandwich.
Penny: Saaand-wich.

Daddy: Do you want another episode of Sesame Street for your ipad? You've been watching the same one for a long time.
Luke: Yes, you get it from sesame street dot com.

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