Funny Friday - Dec 20

Luke gallops through the kitchen
Me: Are you a horsey?
Luke: exasperated No, I'm pretending to be a horse.

Cousin Trey,  I'm going to put these foods on you. Because you're a tray.

Dr Gopan, if you touch buffalo they will bite you.

Dr Gopan: Luke, can you whistle?
Luke: Yeah, but I have to wait until I'm 8 years old.

Luke: I have a tummy ache.
Me: Did you try going poo poo?
Luke: Good idea.
several minutes pass
Me: Did you poop?
Luke: Yeah, they're handsome poops.

Luke: What food did you use to get Josie out?
Me: I didn't use food, she came out when it was time.
Luke: No, what foods did you use to get her out?
Me: Are you saying that since food goes in and poop comes out, you want to know what went in to turn into a baby?
Luke: Yes.
Me: Ummmmm. OK, you know how chickens lay eggs?
Luke: Yes.
Me: Well, mommies have eggs, but we don't lay them. They stay inside, turn into a baby and then the baby comes out.
Luke: WHAT?!?

in the car
Look Mommy, I'm pretending to have iPad time.

Me: Do you feel better?
Me: Do you still have water coming out of your nose?
Luke: No, the water's gone.
Me: Does your tummy hurt?
Luke: No.
Me: Does your ear hurt?
Luke: No.
Me: Does your throat hurt?
Luke: Mommy, no parts of my body hurts!

This year Nanny put up a tree with fiber optic light strands.
Papa: Luke, what color are those lights?
Luke: Purple. No, green. No, yellow. No, red. No, purple...

Me: Josie, are you being a fuss bucket?
Luke: She's not a bucket, she's a turtle.

Luke: Mommy, can we get a menorah?
Me: A menorah?
Luke: Yes, they're beautiful. You can go to Bubbles. That's a Christmas shop and you can get a menorah there.

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