Prenatal Yoga

Do you have a work-out buddy? I do. You should get one, two even. Mine is my neighbor and we get together once a week to do yoga or Zumba at my house, plus the occasional weekend run when I'm not hugely pregnant. It's great because it gives us an excuse to hang out - we always end up chatting and catching up after our cool-down - and it keeps us accountable to doing something fitness related at least once a week. To call her merely a work-out buddy is a desservice to her because we're good friends, but the work-out buddy is a facet of our time spent together.

I promise there's a point to this...

Last night was yoga night. Since neither of us is confident enough to lead a yoga session on a weekly basis, I thought I would find some yoga videos on YouTube to guide us. I narrowed my search to prenatal yoga, thinking it would be just like regular yoga, but without any lay-on-your-stomach poses.

Well, that's what I get for thinking. I chose 2 videos - without screening them ahead of time - that were very new age (even for yoga) with instructions to "cradle the baby with your arms" and to "sway back and forth because babies love to feel the rhythm." My neighbor, being not-pregnant and having no belly to cradle, spent lots of time with her hands in namaste position, for lack of anything better to do with them. Thank goodness she's a good sport and didn't mock me endlessly for making her participate in the most awkward yoga session of her life.

Anyone know of any maternity-friendly yoga videos that aren't quite so baby focused? I'm all about the baby, but I would like more of a challenge next time.

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