Funny Friday - Apr 5

Luke was playing with a tightly stretched bungee cord
Luke: I strummed that string!
Me: What does it sound like?
Luke: A bass!
Me: That's right!
Luke: A bass sounds like a cello.

enjoying a mini-golf family outing
Steven: Come on, Luke, pick up your golf stick.
Luke: No Daddy, it's a club.

Nana: I could go home and get on the treadmill while I watch the Red Sox.
Luke: Watch the Red Sox? I didn't know all that.
This is especially funny because this is exactly the type of banal thing we say to him when he's babbling.

Daddy says "good grief!" and Mommy says "aw, dang it!"
It's funny 'cause it's true.

Daddy: Do you want a bubble bath?
Luke: No.
Me: How about a pudding bath?
Luke: No.
Daddy: Juice bath?
Luke: No.
Me: What kind of bath do you want?
Luke: A chocolate bath.
Me: Chocolate milk or regular chocolate?
Luke: Chocolate milk.

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