Half-Way There!

As of yesterday I am 20 weeks and now in the second half of this pregnancy!

The first half seemed to fly by, and I'm a little terrified that my due date will be here before I know it. I have a lot to get done between now and then:
- work trip and music festival, back-to-back in April
- anniversary/baby-moon/finally passed all our AREs* trip to Savannah in May
- plan and execute Luke's 3rd birthday party
- whip the house into shape to make room for another kiddo
*ARE = Architectural Registration Exam. There are 7 total (yes 7) and we took the first one when I was 8 months pregnant with Luke, and took the last one when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Baby #2.

Maternity Clothes: All day, every day. Nothing but maternity pants from here on out. I'm big enough to wear most of my maternity tops/dresses now, but I have a few regular shirts that still fit. I'm trying to wear them now, while I still can, because I know at the end I will be down to a rotation of the same 6 shirts that are big enough for a 40+ week belly.
Small success: When I unboxed my stash of maternity clothes all of my pants (and some of the tops) were too big! I've lost weight since I was pregnant with Luke so I've gone down a size in maternity pants. I've bought a few pairs of pants for myself, but a friend of mine let me go through her stash, so now I have a decent wardrobe again. Thanks, Kelli!

Cravings/Aversions: I've been craving Gatorade (which I drink constantly) and sushi (which I can't have). What's up with that? I still can't stand the smell of seafood.

Symptoms: Heartburn and indigestion, mild but chronic back pain. I'm sleeping well, for the most part, but I've had some night sweats and insane pregnancy dreams. I can tell my pelvis has loosened and I've started to walk funny. When I sit or lay down, it always feels like something's in the wrong place. No Braxton Hicks contractions yet but I have "growing pains" multiple times a day. I can feel the baby kicking and it won't be much longer before others will get to feel it too!

OB Appointments: Yesterday was my 20 week check-up and anatomy ultrasound. We opted not to learn the gender, but other than that the baby looks normal. I learned that for second-time moms, pregnancy will be a little different than the first time because your body is looser, in every since of the word. This usually means more discomfort, earlier start of labor, shorter labor and slightly bigger baby. Nothing I can't handle. I was a bit concerned that the baby seemed to always have his/her hands and arms up around the face. Not a medical crisis, but Luke favored that position and came out elbow-first, causing quite a bit of tearing for me. According to the midwife an elbow-first birthing position is common, but if it happens again it will be less painful for me since everything is already stretched out. Not a fun visual, but it makes me feel better.



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