Expecting Again - How We Told People

I always like to hear how people share big new with their loved ones. In case you're like me, you might enjoy hearing how we spilled the beans...

The Hubby
I took a home pregnancy test on Thanksgiving day and it was positive! I had taken a test 4 days prior - negative - so Steven had no reason to think there would be any announcement that month. I was still convinced something was up, so I waited until the next morning we were all home together and tried again. While I was seeing the fateful double-stripe, Steven was on the couch with his laptop. I pulled Luke aside and whispered Tell Daddy "Gonna have another baby." Luke ran into the living room shouting the news while I waited in the nursery. It would have been really cute, but Steven thought he said "Wanna have another baby" which prompted a response of "I know, we're trying!" "No," I said, "listen carefully." He finally got the message, found me in the nursery and said "Cool." That's my hubby - only shows excitement over sports.

My Mom
We had hoped to tell both sets of parents at Christmas - to avoid any drama over who knew what first - but my Mom and step-dad had already made plans to spend the holiday in Florida with my step-sis and her family. So we invited them out for breakfast the day they were leaving, so "Luke could see them one last time" but mostly so we could tell them about the baby. After we ordered I said "Oh, I have something I wanted to show you so let me do it now before I forget." Then, as casually as if I were rummaging for a coupon or receipt, I pulled out an ultrasound photo and threw it on the table without a word. It took a second, but then the squealing and crying (all from my mom) kicked in.

Hubby's Parents, Grandparents, Sister
My in-laws got to find out for Christmas, just as we intended. Steven's side of the family opens wrapped gifts after Christmas Eve dinner (Santa gifts are opened Christmas morning) and we prepared a special gift, to be opened toward the end of the evening: 2 newborn onesies:


My Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins
The day after Christmas our family of 3 went to my uncle's house to see him, his wife, my cousins and my grandparents. We dressed Luke in a "Big Brother" t-shirt, unzipped his hoodie and waited for someone to notice. It didn't take long before my eagle-eyed aunt spotted it!

A Co-Worker/Friend
I waited until mid-February to tell anybody at work, but the day after I told my boss my friend came to my desk and said "Last night I had the weirdest dream that you were pregnant." I was already planning on telling her that day, so I jumped at the opportunity and said "It's funny, because it's true!" She had to sit down she was so in shock! I had no idea I worked with a psychic. Heh.

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