Snow Day

On Saturday my neck of the woods got a little snow storm. Nothing hung around or made the roads dangerous (thank goodness) but it was beautiful while it lasted. We had some of the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen! Steven was at a basketball game, so Luke and I were on our own for the winter fun.

even the humblest neighborhoods looks beautiful with a blanket of snow
home sweet snow-covered home
my little guy - can you spot the heart shaped snowflake on his chest?
we built a tiny snowman, complete with a tiny leaf hat...
...and then Luke wanted to make him clap
the gorgeous view courtesy of my rear neighbor's spacious lawn
I was trying to get him to look up at me and he giggled every time a snowflake landed on his face
trying to catch a snowflake
then we came inside, got (back) into our warm pj's and my little assistant helped with some laundry

Speaking of laundry, please don't judge my ghetto fabulous laundry room and mis-matched appliances. We can't all live the Pinterest life. At least my hangers match!

What did you do last weekend? Did you venture out or did you watch the weather from within?

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