Funny Friday - Feb 8

While going potty
Wow! My wee-wee's getting bigger!
we flush
Bye pee-pee water!

standing full height: I'm big.
crouching down: I'm little.
slowly standing up: I'm getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. I'm big again!

If I cover my mouth I won't get any coughs on Daddy!

he hears the water running in my tub
Luke: Are you getting all clean?
Me: Yes, I'm about to take a shower.
Luke: Mommy's dirty!

My socks are trapped in my shoes!

Me: Please hand Mommy her phone.
Luke: holding the phone Mommy's big phone. It's heavy. Have to be careful with it!

putting together an alphabet puzzle
Luke: I need to find the q.
Me: Do you need the big q or the little q?
Luke: I need the biggest q in the world!

Luke: Is Daddy at work?
Me: Yes.
Luke: We have to save Daddy from work.

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