Funny Friday - Feb 1

Oops! I wrote this and saved it as a draft instead of publishing!

You've got a baby in there!
As he points to my grandfather-in-law who might have a bit of a pot belly but is, obviously, not pregnant

Luke: What's that noise?
Me: It's the dishwasher.
Luke: The dishwasher is grumbling.
Me: Yes, that's the sound of the dishes getting clean.
Luke: Oh no! The dishwasher has a problem! It's grumbling!
Me: It's OK, it's supposed to sound like that.
Luke: looks at me skeptically

watching Little Mermaid
Where's Nemo?

The fish is blue. The seahorse is yellow. The anemone is purple. The seaweed is green. The starfish is orange. The bubbles are beautiful.

New Songs:
'Under the Sea' from Little Mermaid

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