I May Have Accidentally Turned My Son Into a Lush

I originally had the word alcoholic in the title, but then I changed it to lush. It's just a better word, don't you think? Alcoholics are sad, but lushes are lots of fun!

Last week Luke had a bit of a cough/cold situation going on and Steven's very Southern grandmother made us some homemade cough syrup. In case you're not from around here, homemade cough syrup is just honey, lemon juice and whiskey. Yes folks, whiskey.

I didn't want Luke to take it, but Steven swore it would be fine.

"Besides," he said "I took it as a kid, and I turned out fine!"

Why does that always elicit an eye roll from me?

Luke gobbled up the medicine without a single complaint, then it was the usual routine of jammies, teeth brushing and going to bed. As I was tucking him in, he looked up at me and said

"More medicine,  Mommy."

"No more until tomorrow." I answered.

"More medicine." he repeated, sounding like was going to cry.

At this point I just pretended not to hear him, and went about straightening the blankets and handing him his stuffed animals.

Even as I shut the door and walked to the living room I could hear, muffled by the door,

"Medicine, medicine!"


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