Funny Friday - Nov 16

Lots of stuff this week...

It's dark out here. It's a blue dark.

Luke was doing a wooden puzzle about numbers when he uncharacteristically started chewing on a piece
I put the four in my mouth.

at a Wolfpack football game
Luke: Say 'wolf' Mommy
Me: wolf
Luke: PACK!

Luke put a megaphone on his head like a dunce cap
Luke: I'm a dumps!
Daddy: No, you're a dunce.
Luke: I'm not a dunce. I'm a monkey.

seeing this logo on a box
The A is stuck in the hoop.

Daddy went to the grocery store to get some more money!

These books are heavy! Sorry, books, it's hard to carry you.

Sorry, Yo-Yo. Hey where's Pop-Tart? 2 kitties!
Not sure what Luke was apologizing for, but I'm sure the cat deserved an apology.

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