[Shuffling Feet, Nervous Whistling]

So, yet again, it's been FOREVER since I updated you. I'll just jump right in.

This stage is AMAZING. He's really developing his personality and sense of humor. He's also starting to push boundaries but it's nothing we can't handle. Both Steven and I feel it's important to raise well-behaved, respectful kids so we've been working on discipline, in one way or another, since day 1. He's also really smart and observant - he doesn't miss anything.

Right now he:
- runs, climbs, jumps and loves being outside
- can read/recognize numbers and will "count" by saying the numbers in order
- loves to "read" books and call out whatever number, picture or shape he sees
- will make animal sounds when you ask him
- is learning basic sports skills like throwing and kicking
- is making progress with potty training. He is still wearing diapers, but he is pretty good about making them wet but not dirty.
- has SO MANY teeth! He has 16, which is almost a whole mouthful, so we let him eat pretty much anything
- is still sleeping well through the night (7:30 pm - 8:30 am, give or take) plus he takes a 1-3 hour nap after lunch
- just had his first buzz cut (just like Daddy)

And now, PICTURES!

reading his pig book
bathtub mo-hawk, courtesy of Daddy
Luke and his teenage entourage
he really loves chips (a new food for him)
I dumped out the pieces for 4 puzzles into 1 pile. Luke correctly put the puzzles together AND neatly stacked the puzzles. I couldn't be prouder.
fireside silhouette
cool guy sunglasses + long hair, before the haircut
buzz cut aftermath - yes, i had a crazy moment and kept a lock of the hair.
buzz cut twins!
shark boy

So, I guess I'll see you in another 2 months... just kidding. At least I hope I'm kidding. I really need to be better about this whole blogging thing.

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