May I Take a Moment to Brag About My Son?

Because he is, at 18 months, in the process of potty training. And it was HIS IDEA (more or less).

Steven's grandmother (who watches Luke when we have to work) has been putting Luke on the toilet when she thinks he needs to poop, and she's been doing that for about 6 months. Sometimes he would poop in the toilet, but it wasn't actual potty training. She was just training herself to monitor Luke's schedule and body cues. We had been doing the same thing at home, but not as often.

Last week, however, all that changed. Steven, Luke and I were eating dinner when Luke said, unprompted, "poo poo, potty." We weren't sure if Luke really knew what he was asking for, but we sat him on the toilet anyway. Lo and behold, that child pooped in the toilet! I couldn't have been prouder. Or so I thought.

pre-game snack
A few days ago I took Luke to a local children's museum. We hadn't been there more than an hour when Luke said "poo poo, potty again." I took him to the restroom and sat him on the toilet. The seat was too big so he couldn't get comfortable and therefore wasn't in the mood for a deuce. I put a diaper on him and told him it was OK to poop in his diaper if he needed to. Then we played out hearts out and met my mom for lunch.

By the time we got home at 2:00 Luke still had a poop-free diaper. I put him on the toilet and he went right away. Can you believe it? He held it for 3 hours because he didn't want to go in his diaper! I wasn't planning on potty training any time soon, but he seems ready and willing so we're officially in potty training mode. I'll let you know if we make progress (or have set backs)!

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