Talking Up A Storm

Speaking of storms, I have my fingers crossed that Hurricane Irene* stays out at sea and away from my family/friends/ever loyal readers. You're welcome.

I mentioned in my last post that Luke's first word was "cat." Well, he's saying so many words now it's getting hard to keep track of them all! I'm not going to document every single word he learns, but these first few are so exciting I can't help myself!
-Dada (We think this means "parent" to Luke, because he calls me Dada, too.)
-bye bye
-uh oh

I think the main reason I'm so excited about this is that our pediatrician was concerned when Luke wasn't yet talking at his 12 month check-up. He was babbling, but he hadn't said any real words. The pediatrician even said if Luke hadn't said at least 3 words by 15 months, she would recommend speech therapy. I tried to put it out of my mind, reminding myself that every baby develops on his own time table. I guess I didn't realize how worried I was until I felt how relieved I was when he started talking!

There will be no speech therapy for us because he is picking up new words left and right! Also, unrelated, he is doing so well at his swimming lessons. He's learned how to sit on the edge of the pool and "jump" into the water! I'm so proud of my little guy.

*Totally random story for you: While on our kayak tour at the beach, our tour guide told us about a local superstition that has to do with sea turtles and hurricanes. Basically, the superstition says that the more sea turtle nests they find on Bear Island at the beginning of summer, the worse the hurricanes will be that year. The scientists involved think that somehow the turtles can sense something in the weather/water and they lay their eggs early to give their young a fighting chance. Usually there are 8-15 nests, and there were 45 nests the year of Hurricane Fran. This year there are 36. Yikes!

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