Nursery Art - The More The Merrier

Most of the decorations in Luke's nursery haven't changed since last summer. In honor of his upcoming birthday I added a few items to his little frame collage, which used to look like this:

and now looks like this:

Forgive the funky shadows, that's what happened when I used the flash. I swear I didn't add a cheesy vignette thing in photoshop.

The first new addition was a print I got for free. It's a long story, but but it's cute and I didn't pay for it. Throw it in a cheap-o dollar store frame and it's good to go.

The second new addition is a framed print of his first birthday invitation - more on that later. I just made a little gray card stock mat and threw it in another cheap frame. Done and done.

But, wait. What's that gray rectangle in the middle? Oh, it's just the hospital bracelets from when Luke was born. Luke how tiny his ankle was!

I just cut a little card from some gray card stock - same as from the birthday invite frame - and rounded the corners with my... wait for it... corner rounder. I hung it on the wall with some t-pins to minimize visual impact then used 2 more t-pins to display the bracelets. At some point I might want a more permanent solution - shadow box, anyone? - but for now it gets the job done.

I'm trying not to personalize the nursery too much because I want to use the same nursery scheme for future babies - Luke will just move into the other bedroom when the time comes - but I couldn't help adding those decorative touches. What do you think?

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