DIY Baby Toy

Last week I made Luke a rice puzzle. Since I was inspired by the ladies at GeekMom, click here for their post.

Long story short, to make a rice puzzle you just put rice and small toys/random stuff in a clear container. My container was a parmesan cheese shaker, but I might switch out for a glass jar when I go through some pasta sauce or something.

Here's my stuff: colored buttons, the top to a broken ring, large metal nut, rubber ducky, assortment of beads and charms, and 2 poker chips.

Once I had my stuff assembled, I just dumped everything in my container.


After I had everything assembled I decided my rice to stuff ratio wasn't what I wanted, so I went back and added stuff 2.0: broken ring, carpet samples, paper clips and a jingle bell.

Yay for cheap and easy baby toys!

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