Product Review: Onesie Extenders

Luke is growing so fast he is already too big for some of his 0-3 month clothes, even though he's not even 2 months old yet! I had seen some onesie extenders on someone else's blog so I had to try them for myself.

I bought a pack of 10 - 2 each of 5 different snap sizes. Supposedly the different snap sizes correspond to various clothing brands. To tell them apart I marked each pair with a symbol using a permanent marker.

After I marked the extenders I tried them with his wardrobe and discreetly tagged each onesie with the appropriate symbol.

Here you can see how an extender adds a few needed inches to a onesie.

Now take a gander at an extender in action. Admittedly, Luke looks a little silly wearing his extended onesie...

... but with shorts on, no one is the wiser!

The $10 price tag is well worth it to extend the life of his wardrobe! Tell me, moms, are there other miracle products out there?

Just so ya know, no one paid me or perked me for mentioning this product. It's just something I found on my own and wanted to share with you guys.


  1. where did you order these from?

  2. They're from One Step Ahead - there's a link in the post that will take you to their website!