It's The Little Things

Motherhood is great. It really is as wonderful as everyone told me it would be.

Most days I think to myself "I could totally handle another one of these." Not two newborns, mind you, but a new baby and an older, less needy baby.

Then there are days when it's all I can do to keep Luke in a clean diaper - I don't get to eat my sad little sandwich until well past lunchtime and I can kiss my shower goodbye. He's crying and I'm so stressed I could use a good cry myself.

Then something magical happens. We go to our nursing chair, he starts to eat and then I feel his tiny hand on my side as he settles in. Suddenly my frustrations melt away and all is right in the world. That moment, right there, makes everything else worth it. I would have ten more babies just to hold on to that magical feeling.

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