Nursery Bassinet

As I was moving the bassinet to take pictures of the crib bumper, I realized I never shared it with you guys.

This is no ordinary bassinet - it is a family heirloom. My great-grandmother, aka Granny, made it for my mom to sleep in when she was a baby, then I slept in it when I was born. I was so thrilled when my grandmother offered it to me for Luke to use.

Granny was quite the crafter - I like to think I got that from her. She often made beautiful things from everyday objects and this bassinet is no exception. The frame is a simple wicker laundry basket nestled into a wooden frame.

To make it baby-ready she padded it with quilt batting and sewed this elegantly pleated skirt that drapes over the inside and outside of the basket. The mattress is just a standard pillow and pillowcase.

My mom and I replaced the batting and washed the skirt to freshen things up, but other than that it's exactly like Granny made it. I hope Luke knows just how special his first bed was.

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