Crib Bumper

Back when I designed the crib bedding I couldn't decide if I wanted a crib bumper and i figured that if Luke ended up needing one it wouldn't be for a while.

He started out sleeping in his bassinet and we switched him to his crib over the past weekend. We assumed since he can't crawl or roll over there was no danger of him bumping his head.


When I put him to bed, he is laying like this...

... but when I wake him up he's like this...
... or even this.*
In the interest of preserving my sweet boy's perfectly round head I put in a crib bumper. Steven's grandmother picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to me. The pattern is a little busier that what I would have picked, but as you can see the green plays nicely with the wall color and navy sheet.

If you step away and squint the tone on tone print reads like a solid so it's not in too much competition with the crib skirt.

For something that came from a yard sale, this goes surprisingly well with the existing nursery decor. The green matches the mobile and changing table and the elephants tie into the tea towel calendar I embroidered.
Green, elephants and a zero price tag? Yes, please. You likey?

*Steven made fun of me when he saw the crib diagrams. Something about having way too much time on my hands. Whatever. I like making diagrams.


  1. I think this bumper is just adorable! Also, does Luke sleep with one of those sleep positioners? That seemed to keep our baby in one place. We also like the bumper to keep the nightlight light out of his face.

  2. I love the bumper and the diagrams!