Nursery Art: Part 1

After hanging the mobile I knew I wanted some soft art to hang over the crib - nothing heavy that could fall on the baby! - and that same day I read a blog post about how tea towel calendars are making a resurgence. I just love when my brain dovetails so well with the internet!

I decided a tea towel calendar was just what I needed - they are lightweight, soft and I could mark the baby's birth date and keep it as a memento of the big day.

After some digging I found a blank calendar on Etsy. The seller provided me with a linen tea towel with a screen-printed 2010 calendar and an empty box at the top for personalization.

Being the crafty gal that I am, I whipped out my embroidery hoop and stitched this elephant family - complete with a trumpeting Dad!

Once the baby is born I will go back and stitch something around his or her birthday to further personalize this sweetie of a calendar.

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