I Have Been Thoroughly Showered

On Saturday I attended the last of my 4 baby showers. That's right, 4. I knew I would be having 3 showers, but then Steven's office hosted a casual after-work party for me and another pregnant employee and, to our surprise, people brought gifts! I am one lucky mama-to-be, that's for sure! So now I think I have all the baby loot I could ever need, and then some.

Rambling. Back to Saturday's shower.

It was hosted by my Mom at her house. For those of you who don't know me personally, therefore haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, you should know when she entertains she goes all out. Let me paint you a picture:

There is a new wreath on the front door. The house and the front porch are cleaned and decorated. There is a professional floral arrangement as a centerpiece for the buffet. All the serving pieces, plates and napkins match each other and the centerpiece. All the food is homemade*, very tasty and very fancy. A smart person would have taken pictures of the food to prove all this to you, but I did not. Because I'm not smart. At least not when it's effing hot outside.

*It should be noted that for my entire life I have never had a store-bought birthday cake. My birthday cakes were always homemade, delicious and meticulously carved/iced/adorned to match the theme of my (elaborate, yet tasteful) birthday party.

The (entirely made from scratch) menu included:
-small bowls of pastel candy and nuts, served with my Mom's sterling silver baby spoons, courtesy of my grandmother
-hot artichoke and shrimp dip with baguette slices
-miniature pastry shells with chicken salad filling
-fresh veggies with veggie dip
-individual cheese balls skewered on a pretzel stick, a la baby rattles
-fresh fruit served in a hollowed-out watermelon carved to look like a baby carriage, complete with a rind handle and orange slice wheels
-sugar cookies in the shape of feet (as in the pitter, patter of)
-miniature grand marnier creme brulee (the woman owns her own creme brulee torch)
-cake balls (they're very hard to describe, but very tasty - trust me on this)
-lime sherbet punch - We're Southern. You can't host a party without pastel colored punch.

So you see what I mean by all out. It should also be noted that she pulled an all-nighter getting ready for the shower.

So, clearly you have never lived until you have eaten at my Mom's table. If I had thought ahead of time I would have invited all you readers to join us. Like I said, we're Southern. There's always extra food.

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