Nursery Closet

Luke has gotten so many cute clothes! In order to keep them organized I whipped up this simple project during his morning nap.

I want him to get as much wear out of his wardrobe as possible. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, I sorted his clothes by size. This way I don't have to go digging through drawers and bins as he gets bigger and needs to go up a size. So, in less than an hour and with materials I already had on hand I made these clothespin markers for his closet.

All I did was cut some simple shapes out of cardstock and then labeled them with colored pencils. I chose different shades of blue and green to tie the closet into the nursery color scheme and I used my corner punch to round the edges - but I left one corner square to make things more interesting. I could have made more elaborate tags, but this project had to be quick and dirty. I had to get it done before Luke woke up wanting his mid-morning snack!

After each tag was labeled I used the broad side of the colored pencil tip to fill in the background, giving it a nice tone on tone effect. I also like how the subtle coloring brings out the texture of the cardstock. It almost looks like grass cloth!

After the paper tags were complete, all I did was add a square of magnetic tape to the back of each tag and another square to a handful of wooden clothespins. This way I can always swap out the tags to suit his wardrobe without wasting clothespins.

Here's one in action, clipped to his closet shelf.

I just love simple solutions that don't take lots of time or money! It's also worth noting that I did the project, took the photos AND wrote the blog post all in one day. My mommy multi-tasking skills are improving!

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