Ooh, Shiny!

When I went to the hospital to have a baby, it would seem I had several surprises in store for me. Not only were we surprised that Luke was a boy, but the hubby had something shiny in his pocket to celebrate my impending mommy-hood. He even gave it to me as soon as we got to the hospital instead of waiting until after Luke was born. He figured it would be too hectic for me to enjoy it in the hours (and days) following the birth and he wanted something to boost my spirits during the hard parts. He's so thoughtful!

Steven bought me a beautiful band set with diamonds and rubies - Luke's birthstone - and I was beyond thrilled to slip it on my finger! Since the band is so simple and elegant, I decided to wear it everyday with my wedding and engagement rings.

We still need to get it re-sized - it's hard to get out with a newborn in the house - and when we do he's going to get it engraved for me. Yet another surprise in store. I'll keep you posted!

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