I'm One Trashy Mama

As I mentioned in my diapering post, the disposable diaper liners can be composted or flushed. To make things easier on me, that means I need a compost bin in the nursery in addition to a regular trash can.

To get the job done I picked up two matching, lidded trashcans from Target and set them up in the corner between the book-shelf and the changing table. The stainless steel body and removable (read: washable) plastic liner bin will both go a long way to keeping these trashcans spic and span despite their un-enviable duty. Pun intended. To make my life even easier, the size and shape of the trashcan are designed to perfectly fit a plastic grocery bag. How clever! However, identical trashcans are bound to get mixed up during a midnight diaper change, right?

Not anymore! Using crafting supplies I already had lying around, I whipped up these labels in about an hour. All I needed was white chipboard letters, green acrylic paint and some rubber cement. I could have saved a step and left them white, or painted them to match one of the many shades of aqua in the room, but I thought the room could use a shot of spring green - according to my mood board, that was supposed to be one of my accent colors after all.

So, there you have it. I will pretty much label anything that will sit still.

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