Breaking The Radio Silence

Technically I haven't been all that absent from the blog since posts keep appearing, but that's just because I wrote a CRAPLOAD of decorating posts and scheduled them to appear as we go. I haven't actually written anything in what feels like forever. So, a few things...

1- I haven't taken a bump photo in a while. Do you know why? Because it's effing hot and I don't want my picture taken. I look pretty much the same as I did at Week 36, except more tired and more pissed at the world.

2- Yes, I've been cranky lately.

3- My cervix isn't a rock star, after all. Not even close. After I went and bragged about my lady junk, it went and did a whopping load of NOTHING. I went for my weekly check-up at 39 weeks and they told me I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced, which is pretty much where I was at 38 weeks. Midwife Debbie also said baby's head was bearing down, causing pain and havoc putting good pressure on my cervix and that it "shouldn't be too much longer." Yeah, that's what Jessie said the week before.

4- For the most part my feet have been pretty un-swollen lately, and over the holiday weekend I even saw my ankle bones again - they have been MIA for weeks! However, one night last week they got pretty swollen and Steven suggested I try to wear his compression socks. My feet were so puffy he couldn't even get the socks on me which caused me to cry for no good reason. I just sat there on my bed and sobbed like a toddler because I couldn't wear a stupid pair of socks. (See #2)

5- Even though my cervix has decided to start being a lazy cow, my uterus has been busy. I have been having contractions since Monday. No, not two days ago. Since last Monday. You read that right. I have been having pre-labor/latent contractions/whatever you want to call it for about 10 days now. Most of them have been mild little contractions, but a handful have been CONTRACTIONS that had me thinking active labor was just around the corner. No such luck. At the most active, I had 2 hours of contractions lasting 30 seconds and 2 minutes apart. But then I changed positions to try to get some sleep and they. just. stopped.

6- With tomorrow as my official (estimated) due date, I am going to go see the pre-natal masseuse again. She is going to work her magic on the mystical labor pressure points and see if we can't get the ball rolling.

7- After letting the poll sit for a while, I see most of my readers would prefer to get updates here on the blog. Steven's sister was supposed to be my designated blogger, but she is out of town for 2 weeks getting trained for her first big-girl job (yay for her!) but I'll be damned if this baby's going to hang around and wait for her to get back. So this means I have 2 options: do the updates myself (from my iPhone) or teach my mom how to blog and have her do it from the hospital. Either way I'll figure something out and I'll keep you guys in the loop.

That is all.

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