A Return To Normalcy

What do pregnant women love? No, other than food and elastic waist pants. We love having our feet rubbed!

Steven has been a very good sport about rubbing my feet anytime I whine ask for it, but on Sunday I wanted to break out the big guns. While he was playing tennis, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. You can't tell in the picture (I only zoom in so close to my feet - I don't want to scare anybody) but I had my nails painted a nice, soft pink for spring.

Yes, that is yet another pair of Birkenstocks. I have 3 pairs of them. What? That's an improvement. I used to have 5. Ugly or not, you try taking comfortable shoes away from a pregnant woman.

Also please note the absence of the scary swollen feet. With Steven rubbing them all the time, I've mostly been able to keep the swelling at bay.

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