Nursery Recliner

I've had this navy blue chair for over two months now, but I wanted to wait and show it against the new wall color.

This chair is so comfortable I might actually look forward to midnight feedings, just so I can sit in it! Ok, probably not, but it is really comfortable.

My mom bought me the chair to help me get the nursery set up. I'm telling you, a crib and a chair - my family is too generous!

When we first ventured out to Ikea I assumed I would be getting a rocking chair. Something about them just seemed fitting in a nursery. I must have sat in nearly every chair in the store, but none of them were going to cut it. Many of my favorite chairs, including the early favored Poang, were comfortable but they didn't seem suitable for nursing. In any other situation I would be thrilled to have a Poang, but the chair encouraged a slouched posture which I thought would make holding up a baby more difficult.

I hadn't even considered a recliner, but with my rocking chair search coming up empty I was willing to try anything. I tried out the recliner* and it was love at first sit! When upright, the posture is perfect for nursing and the padded armrests are a nice bonus. I love that I have the option to recline when it's time for reading, snuggling or napping. The frame is much smaller than a traditional recliner, so it's still the perfect scale for my little nursery. The best part is I can recline and sit up by leaning on the chair - no handles or levers - which means I never have to take a hand off the baby when I get up.

So that's the story of my recliner. Stay tuned!

*I have searched Ikea's website but cannot find this chair anywhere! Maybe it's discontinued? Maybe the pollen is clouding my brain? Who knows.

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