Tips For the Traveling Preggo

Now that I'm home and rested I want to share what I learned on my trip.

Tip #1
If you are flying, attempt to pre-board the airplane.

With most airlines, pregnancy qualifies as a 'temporary disability.' Do a little digging and find out what you need to do to gain pre-boarding status. On my outgoing flight I was lucky enough to sit in the front row - all that extra leg room is divine! - but I wasn't so lucky on my return flight. Southwest seats pre-boards according to disability and obviously those in wheelchairs get to go before preggos. Even so, I got my pick of seats so I could sit in the aisle seat close to the loo - you would not believe what all that shaking does to your bladder.

Tip #2
Avoid vacations with lots of walking.

There is a reason people suggest cruises and spa weekends for babymoons. San Diego is a very large, pedestrian unfriendly city. Even with a great bus and metro system we had to walk many blocks to get where we were going. Seriously, what crazy pregnant person decides to traipse all over one of the largest zoos in the world? By the end of the day I felt like the baby was a bowling ball that was pulling against my spine.

Tip #3
Carry lots of snacks.

With all the walking and sight seeing I was frequently hungry between meals. It is nice to have a bag of healthy(ish) snacks when you're on the bus, walking down the street or sitting in an airport terminal.

Tip #4
Find a place with a pool.

After doing whatever fun and exhausting activities the day has held nothing feels better than sinking into a nice pool or (reasonably moderate) hot tub. Bouyancy is a pregnant woman's best friend.

So that's it. That's all the wisdom I have to offer. Anything you learned along the way?

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