A Few Wierd Things

I have noticed a few things that I find odd. I have also noticed that I am fond of making lists lately.

#1 My belly button is slowly disappearing. It is getting shallower and shallower and I suspect that someday it will disappear altogether.

#2 When I sit down to use the toilet, I can feel my naked belly sitting on my lap. The first time I felt that skin-to-skin contact it was, well, shocking.

#3 In my pre-baby days things were business as usual. When my body was hungry it would clue me in by producing a rumbling sensation in the area where I knew my stomach was located. Not so much anymore. Now that space is limited, my hunger sensations tend to be more migratory. Sometimes near my kidneys, sometimes up near my lungs. Always baffling but never in the same place twice.

That is all the over sharing I have for now.

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