Just To Let You Guys Know...

The hubby and I are taking a vacation this week - 4 days in San Diego (just for fun) then 4 days in Las Vegas (for a wedding). While we're gone I won't be posting - this blog just happens when inspiration strikes, so I don't have a backlog of things to post while I'm gone - but I will still take this week's belly photo on Thursday, I just won't post it until I get home.

I am going to attempt to qualify for early boarding so I can sit up front and have extra leg room. That's right, I'm totally playing the 'pregnant' card every chance I get. Hopefully I can post some preggo travel tips when I get back.

See you in a week!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you guys have fun! Who is taking care of the fur babies?

    Can a girl get a post card?

    Be safe and milk the pregnant thing for all it is worth!