Learning To See Myself

I'm learning too see myself. Not in the look inside yourself, take stock of your emotions and make yourself a better person way. I mean I have learned to look at myself from different angles to really see my growing body.

Case in point: Last Friday Steven and I went to a movie and, naturally, I snuck in some chocolate. Back at home I took off my coat and:

STEVEN: What's that on your shirt?

ME: looking down Nothing.

STEVEN: No, there, on the bottom. It looks like melted chocolate.

ME: Where? pulling my shirt out so I can see it Oh, there.

STEVEN: Ha! It was under your belly!

So there you have it. My belly now has an underside. After every meal (and frequent snack) I have to check my entire shirt to make sure there's no food stains lurking under my ledge o' belly. Could I get any more disgusting?

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