Such A Good Day

In addition to this week's bump photo, I feel like I have so much to share today!

Last night I had my first 'bump encounter.' I was at a meeting, talking to a friend when I removed my heavy coat. As soon as she saw my little bump she said "Aww" and reached out to touch it. Almost as quickly as she reached, she pulled her hand away and her expression said 'Ooh, that might be creepy. I won't just grope her.' Of course, since she's a friend I wouldn't have been offended and would have even been flattered that she wanted to cop a feel. But I know where she was coming from and I give her props for the restraint.

This morning after eating my third a doughnut I distinctly felt the peanut move for the first time! Over the past week there have been two or three occasions where I thought I felt something, but I definitely felt something today! It was the strangest thing. It didn't feel like gas, like some have said, it just felt like part of my tummy had wiggled. Ooh, as I'm writing this, I just felt it again! And again! This baby really likes it when I write about her!

This afternoon I had my third ultrasound, this time a Level 2, and I got to watch my little wiggler on the screen for almost an hour! I brought my Mom with me and she just loved watching her little grandbaby squirming around. The ultrasound technician said that this baby was quite a gymnast and was a wee bit uncooperative. The peanut started out standing on her head then finally rolled around mid-way through my exam. A Level 2 ultrasound is very technical - looking at kidneys, the heart, the brain, etc. We saw perfect little fingers and toes and even caught a glimpse of the peanut waving at us!

The tech gave us a print out of the latest glamour shot, and isn't that just the cutest little blurry face you've ever seen? Seriously I could babble about this ALL DAY. I was doing great until the tech asked me to turn my head away so she could check the baby's sex organs. She knew I didn't want to know the gender, she just wanted to make sure the baby's junk was A.OK.

But here's my secret: deep down, I really, REALLY want to know if this baby's a boy or a girl. It's Steven that is really gunning for the surprise. I was so tempted to find out, but I knew he would be disappointed in me for caving in. My problem is if someone else knows something, I want to know it too. The tech made it very clear that if I wanted to know the sex they could tell me. AACK! So I left without finding out, but just knowing someone else already knows is K.I.L.L.I.N.G M.E.

We've invited some of Steven's work friends to come over for the Superbowl and I am very excited to have people over to the house. Most people are bringing their young kids, so I will get some 'practice' time this weekend!


  1. I want to know the gender too!!!
    I cried when I saw the new picture. Really. I'm in love.

  2. such a cute cute picuture. and you will be so glad you waited to find out what the baby is. there really is no greater surprise then finding that out at birth. (and you get to know what they are for the rest of your life!!)

  3. What the ...??? I am still trying to wrap my head around that fact that you are going to be a mother!!!!! I vote that your Mom and I be told the sex of the baby so we can buy stuff and you and Steven can just wait!