It's All Downhill From Here

As in, from now on I will be rolling downhill, toppled by my belly.

So far I haven't had any pain associated with pregnancy, just some mild discomfort as my ute' muscles stretch. Also, I find it pretty darn hard to get comfortable anywhere other than my bed.

All that changed last night. As I was sleeping, I was having a dream that I was peeing (but didn't actually pee in the bed, thank goodness!) and as part of the dream it seemed that there was something in my 'stream' - some sort of rope or string. I quickly realized that this rope had one end dangling out of my lady bits but the other end was anchored to the inside of my bladder. As my stream gushed forth in all its pregnant glory, the rope began to pull and hurt me.

Next I suddenly awoke, only to still be experiencing the same pain. Apparently one of my many pillows had wriggled away from me in my sleep and was no longer supporting my hips and belly as it was supposed to.

Nothing major in the pain department, but it was the first time I felt as though my belly could move independently of me. I try to keep the complaining to a minimum because I know this will be nothing compared to the 'miracle' of birth.

I guess the point to this post is this: I finally understand why I see women in their third trimester walk with their hands under their belly as if their hands are the only thing supporting it. I'm sure, in a few months time, I will be convinced that my baby's head will be down around my knees if I don't hold my belly up myself.

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