Cast Your Vote

I just love how women always seem to have very strong instincts in guessing the gender of someone else's baby. Well ladies, now's your chance to put your intuition to the test with my handy-dandy gender poll!

Now to add to the fun, here are the 'results' of some oft-cited Old Wives tales.

Carrying high or low? high Old Wives say... girl.

Craving sweet or sour? sour Old Wives say... boy.

Loads of acne? sadly, yes Old Wives say... girl.

Hubby gaining weight? nope Old Wives say... boy.

Pendant on a string? circle Old Wives say... girl.

Good hair, bad hair? good Old Wives say... boy.

Nose spreading? nope Old Wives say... girl.

Fetal heartrate? 135 Old Wives say... boy.

Craving fruit or meat? fruit Old Wives say... girl.

Chinese gender chart? Old Wives say... boy.

So, the Old Wives are split 50/50 on this one.

Old fashioned mother's intuition? Mama says... girl.

What do you think?


  1. I am going with girl. I think the food, nose, acne, and how you are carrying, not to mention your intuition, are the strongest indicators. THINK PINK! :) PS I have never guessed someone's baby's gender wrong. We shall see.

  2. If you say girl, I say girl...but I've thought boy all along.

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  4. I'm going against the grain and saying boy.. for Steven's sake. Can we say Steven H. the III . Ha Ha! :)

  5. There will be no Steven III. After Steve and Steven, we've run out of ways to differentiate between them all :)

  6. I flipped a coin 112x and got 64x for boy and 48x for girl so I'm slightly in favor of boy =P. Not really but I'm now doing it once and the coin says...

  7. mommies are usually right ;)
    i guess girl too!
    (plus my 1st is a girl;)

  8. If you are carrying high, then it's a girl. Low is totally a boy. Thats what strangers have been telling me, and they're right. I haven't had one person look at me and guess the wrong gender. I'm guessing you have a baby girl in your belly!!!

  9. You could call him Stevie ;) It's a girl. Do you have names?

  10. We have narrowed down a few favorites for boy and girl. It's so hard to decide!