Bump Photo - Week 20

I apologize for my tardiness. We took the picture on the proper day, but I've just been too busy to blog it.

As you will see in my posts I have switched, almost entirely, to actual maternity pants. The belly bands were working well for a while but now I am more comfortable in my big-girl jeans. For me, the belly band has gotten to the point where it's either riding up in the back - crack attack! - or riding up in the front, exposing my fly in its unzipped glory. Don't get me wrong - those little miracles got me through the early days of 'too big for my pants but still too small for maternity pants' and I for sure will break them out again post-delivery to transition back to my pre-pregnancy state.

Sweater: thrifted, maternity

Beads: Target

Jeans: Old Navy Maternity

I also thought I would include this close up. Steven keeps taking zoomed in shots of my belly even though I tell him not to. Maybe he is overly proud of the visible fruits of his manly fertilizin' or maybe he just finds it funny. I'll never know.

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