Caveman? What caveman?

One of the many, many reasons I love my husband:

Yesterday morning, we have the same conversation we've had for the past week.

Steve: Let me rub your belly.

Me: Is it really a belly? Are you sure I'm not just fat?

Steve: No, it's definitely poking out now.

Me: Really?

Steve: hands on belly Oh, it totally kicked me!

Me: rolling eyes Stop it. I can't even feel it move yet. There's no way it kicked you.

This whole song and dance is based on the fact that I have serious bump envy - I have been anxiously awaiting my bump from day one. Mostly because I've had almost no symptoms* so most days I don't really feel pregnant. I'm craving some physical proof. I'm convinced that I'm just the same amount of fat I have been and that he's just humoring me.

ten minutes later

Steve: Man. Do you know what we should have done?

Me: What?

Steve: Started taking pictures of your bump.

Me: Well, I just started showing we can start now.

Steve: Cool, we'll do the first one tonight.

How awesome is he? He is excited about doing a bump photo series!** And it was his idea! I've toyed with the idea, but I just assumed he'd think it was lame.

That's my fault for underestimating him. Based on years of sit-coms and magazines (I'm looking at you Cosmo) women have been trained to think men are cave-dwelling idiots that have to be tricked into marriage / babies and only turn off Sports Center when dragged by the hair. I am constantly surprised when Steve turns out to be *gasp* a real person! With feelings! Who would have thought that it was possible to find a man that likes marriage and is excited about a pregnancy, and even wants to document it on film!

So my advice is this:

If you're single, don't listen to what the world is telling you. Men aren't devious and you don't have to trap them. The ones that need trapping aren't worth keeping.

If you're in a relationship, and your man makes you half as happy as Steve makes me, hold on for dear life.

*Yes, poor me. I admit that whining about not having symptoms makes other preggos want to cut me.
**Obviously it won't be as awesome as this belly series. But we can't all have professional photographers as husbands.

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