Bump Photo - Week 17

Everything looks pretty much the same as last week, bump wise. We're supposed to get a snow storm this weekend so you can see I'm layered up for warmth. What you can't see are my long underwear pants - I cannot get through winter without them, even in NC. I keep expecting to be warmer than normal, with the extra hormones pumping through me, but so far I only get hot once I go to bed.

Also, I decided to list my clothing sources for my bump photos. This is not because I think I look awesome all the time. Or so I want you to think. Really, it's not. Some days I'm doing good to find clean clothes. I have noticed some other women doing it on non-fashion blogs and I want in on the fun. I don't know what good this does for you since it's possible these clothes were purchased years ago (they were) and you probably can't buy them now (you can't). Do with that what you will.

Sweater: Old Navy
Blue Tee: Express
Gray Tee: Forever 21
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft (very much unbuttoned)

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