The Best 4 Pounds, Ever

As you may know I have been struggling with my weight over the past two months, but not in the way I am used to struggling with my weight. Ever since becoming pregnant, I have slowly but steadily been losing pounds. This very much worried me, my family and my midwife. My midwife said this is common in women with terrible nausea that can't keep food down, but I wasn't having that issue at all. I felt great most of the time, my appetite was good and I ate when I was hungry but I was still losing. My midwife told me to try to eat more, smaller meals and drink lots of fluids. This is normally advice given to those trying to lose, not gain, weight but I followed anyway.

I now start every morning with a piece of jelly toast and a glass of juice. I have found this has two major benefits: 1) I have stopped feeling faint and dizzy in my hot shower and 2) it jump starts my metabolism so I am hungrier more often during the day. I still eat "normal" portions at lunch and dinner, but have added a few light snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Don't worry, there's a point to all this rambling...

This morning I stepped on the scale, telling myself I had lost more weight I was going to cry and go back to bed. I was very worried that if I hadn't gained any weight by my next OB appointment (next Tuesday) they would have to medically intervene. But, all my fears were for nothing because as of this morning I have regained four pounds! YAY! I have never been this happy to gain weight in my life, but I was so excited that I ran into the kitchen shouting "I gained four pounds! I gained four pounds!"

The Weight Stats:
175 - Pre-Pregnancy
162 - End of 1st Trimester
166 - current

In other news, I think my belly is just barely starting to show. With my 13 pound loss my hips, thighs and rear all seemed to get slimmer but my tummy region stayed the same size. Now it seems as though all belly mass has shifted to my lower abdomen - more peanut bump, less muffin-top. To me the biggest difference is the feel of the belly. After I eat dinner I feel like I absolutely have to unbutton my pants or I will hyperventilate. As my friend's mom pointed out, baby belly doesn't give and squish like regular fat does. I can totally feel the difference in how my pants fit on a full stomach, so I have started wearing my belly band with unbuttoned pants. Nothing worthy of a bump photo yet, but believe me as soon as you can see anything I will whip out the camera!

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