Apr 20 - Bout Damn Time

I know, you probably think I lost the ability to type or that I gave up on this crazy adventure but, thankfully for you and the fabulous gay couple* I hope to carry for, neither of those things has happened.

*This is my dream couple. They probably need more adorable kids, right?
Image found on Pinterest - if you know a source, lemme know.
Anyway, I FINALLY have a dang appointment with my hematologist. 

You know how people joke that being a meteorologist is the perfect job because you can be wrong most of the time and not get fired. Well, that's not true. The MORE perfect job is being an admin for a doctor's office (or anything in the medical field, really) because you get to not submit records, not fill out forms, or not call people back and your customers get to JUST DEAL WITH IT. Not that I'm frustrated or anything...

My appointment is next Wednesday and it will involve some basic labs and then a consult with the doctor. Fingers crossed this is just a formality and then I can get back on the baby train!

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